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helix learning

Helix Learning is a tutoring and educational support company specializing in catering to students with neurodiversities, learning disabilities, learning differences, and unique learning profiles. Our team of trained and certified teachers adopts an individualized and holistic approach, ensuring students can learn in a psychologically safe environment.


We offer support for students from kindergarten to grade 12 across all areas of the Ontario curriculum, with a focus on structured literacy based on the science of reading. Recognizing that many non-traditional learners may find traditional schooling challenging and stressful, we aim to change that perception and empower students to see themselves as capable learners.


At Helix, we believe in customization. We tailor our lessons to match the interests and abilities of each child, ensuring that learning is effective for each student. Our ultimate goal is to foster a love for learning in every student we work with, helping them realize their full potential and succeed academically.